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Veganism at the Front - Call to Arms to Support Our Soldiers

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In these challenging times, our beloved State of Israel is in the midst of an enduring battle, one whose end remains uncertain. The call has gone out to hundreds of thousands of reservists, brave men and women ready to protect our homeland. Among them are tens of thousands of vegan and vegetarian soldiers, both in the reserves and conscripts, stationed in the south and on the northern border, where the number of clashes increases. It is becoming clear that our military is unprepared to meet the immense demand for food, particularly plant-based options, needed to sustain such a large number of soldiers for an extended period.

Confronting this exceptional challenge, we have risen to the occasion. In a matter of days, we’ve established a remarkable logistics system, a collaborative effort involving ‘Brothers for Food’, volunteers from all corners of our nation, the ‘Vegan IDF’, restaurants, companies generously donating raw materials and food.

This operation runs tirelessly, around the clock, with one mission in mind: to ensure that every soldier who reaches out to us receives the sustenance they need. We’re already providing thousands of meals daily, but it’s far from being enough!

As the saying goes, an army marches on its stomach, and our heroic soldiers mustn’t be burdened with inadequate nutrition. Their focus belongs elsewhere, on their vital mission. Here’s where you can make a significant impact:

With a donation of just $30, you can supply one of our soldiers with a nourishing, vegan, hot, and high-quality meal – a daily source of strength for a month of service on the field.

Now is the time for unity, a time to demonstrate the strength that comes from standing together. When we unite, no challenge can overcome us. Join us in this crucial mission, and thanks to your generosity, no vegan or vegetarian soldier will ever go to sleep hungry.
For the future of Israel, for the strength of our nation, and for the well-being of our dedicated soldiers, let us stand together, united as one.
Israel Lives!🇮🇱

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